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IU's Hairstylist Shared Her Trade Secrets to Achieving IU's Hotel Del Luna's Hairstyles


K-drama Hotel Del Luna had a fantastic plot that glues us to the screen. Aside from the great storyline and excellent casts, much of the spotlight falls on Jang Man Wol's (IU) fanciful outfits, makeup, and hairstyles.

Credit: Allure

IU's hairstylist, Seo Yoon from MEPCI, who is also the hairstylist for Sulli and Oh My Girl, did a video interview with Allure to share her secrets to IU's hairstyles in Hotel Del Luna. From how to style baby bangs, making sure that the length of your sideburns suits your hairstyles, to the right angle to pinning up your hair for a half-up hairstyle, Seo Yoon selflessly shared her trade secrets with us.

Watch the video below to learn how we can achieve IU's Hotel Del Luna's hairstyles. A big thank you to Seo Yoon for sharing these tips and tricks so that we can be CEO Jang Man Wol too!