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Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Makeup for Halloween


From Jack Nicholson to Joaquin Phoenix, many extremely talented actors took up the role of Batman's arch-rival over the years. Each one played Joker differently, and of course, each movie had their own interpretation of Joker's makeup which are all perfect Halloween looks for Joker fans every year.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Makeup 2019 Halloween

Credit: Kayla Hagey

Heath Ledger and Jared Leto's version of The Joker have always been popular Halloween makeup choices. If you have been there, done that, but still very much in love with the clown, try the updated 2019 Joaquin Phoenix's version. Good news? It isn't that hard to recreate.

Watch Youtuber Kayla Hagey's step-by-step tutorial on recreating Joaquin Phoenix's Joker makeup in the video below, and you will be all ready for the Halloween celebrations at the end of the month!