Fashion Spotting

Fashion Spotting at Ion Orchard


Ion Orchard, the "atas" place to be at. But do you dress up to the nines when you visit the mall or are you the typical Singaporean still complaining about the heat? We roamed Ion Orchard to catch the best and worst dressed of the lot.

Get the look:

  1. Sleeveless Pleated Dress
  2. Peter Pan Collar Dress
  3. Nude Collar Details Skater
  4. Sequin Peter Pan Necklace
  5. Glam Croc Satchel
  6. Ace Leather Wedges Sandals
  7. Leather Wrap Buckle Bracelet

Get the look:

  1. Crochet Lace Chiffon Pleated Dress
  2. Lace Box Top
  3. Cream Necklace Dress
  4. Structured Twist Lock Crossbody
  5. Pearlescent Ribbon Necklace
  6. T-strap Stud Flats
  7. Textured Arm Large Sunglasses

Get the look:

  1. Silk Crepe Tie Front Shirt
  2. Tail Back Skirt
  3. Pleated Skirt
  4. Retro Style Sunglasses
  5. Chain and Stud Bracelet Set
  6. Rock and Roll Sandals
  7. Robinson Triple Gusset Crossbody

And the disasters are:

Which part fo this dress match the shawl? Please explain your thought process...

Excuse me, I think your seamstress forgot to cut the extra cloth of your shorts. No way in hell is this pair of shorts acceptable in any way.

What is with shawls and odd attire? If you cannot match your attire with your slippers, change out! Don't force your clothes and footwear to match by conveniently slipping a pink shawl...