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Are Your Glasses the Cause of Your Headaches?


Finding a pair of glasses in a design you adore isn't exactly the easiest thing. And when you finally found THE ONE, your excitement got instantly killed by a splitting headache you got after putting them on for a while.

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Headaches that result from wearing glasses are more common than you think. While they may stem from a variety of factors, here are some common reasons why your glasses are giving you a headache and how you can troubleshoot them.


Wrong prescription

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If you are wearing a pair of glasses with the wrong prescription, the chances of you having blurry vision and having a headache are pretty high. A wrong prescription will cause eye strain and over time, it can result in a dull ache behind your eyes that feels like a frontal headache. Go to a trusted optometrist to get your eyes checked again and make sure that your glasses are of the correct prescription. However, you should also be aware that blur visions and constant headaches may be an indication of something more serious. Therefore, it is best to go to a doctor to seek help if you these symptoms persist. 


Prescription changes

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Your optometrist may make adjustments to your prescription and your eyes may need time to adjust to the new lenses. Your eyes need to constantly refocus until they are used to the new prescription and that can strain on your eyes give you a headache. If your headache is caused by the readjustment period, it should go away in a week or two.


Incorrect adjustment of glasses

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Before you leave the shop with your brand new pair of glasses, your optometrist should adjust and make sure that your glasses sit properly on you. Both the style and the weight of your glasses matter. If they are too big, your glasses will be sliding off your nose bridge all the time, or worse still, sit on your face instead of your nose. If your glasses are too small, they may be too tight. The tension around your temples, or even behind the back of your ears will cause a headache.

Go back to your optometrist if you suspect that your frequent headaches are caused by any one of the factors above.


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