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Get Maximum Style and Comfort with Charmant Eyewear


When was the last time you brought home a pair of stylish glasses, only to discover that they were uncomfortable, and even painful to wear?

Credit: Stocksy United

Many of us experience discomfort from our glasses, and we always have the preconception that that comfortable glasses are usually ugly (just like how sexy stilettos are never comfortable). However, style and comfort can come hand in hand. It may be an arduous task to find that perfect pair but if you just spend a little more time, you won't be too far away from finding that balance between style and comfort.

We did some footwork for you to save you some time. And here are some of our favourite frames that are both stylish and comfortable.


CHARMANT Comfort collection

The Charmant Comfort collection features quality eyewear that feels comfortable even when you wear it for the whole day. The frames are made of β-titanium that is strong yet lightweight. The gentle curve on the temple also makes the Charmant Comfort collection a great fit for Asian ladies.







CHARMANT Perfect Comfort collection

The frames from the Charmant Perfect Comfort series are all crafted from titanium to ensure durability, but yet lightweight and comfortable to wear. The temples are uniquely curved, with adaptive nose pads and contoured arm pieces to give the wearer perfect comfort.







CHARMANT Titanium Perfection collection

CHARMANT Titanium Perfection eyewear frames are made of the highest quality titanium materials and crafted by expert designers. You can rest assure that every one of them has a superior fit, is lightweight, and ultra-comfortable.

We didn't forget your man on this list. Here are 4 new men models from the CHARMANT Titanium Perfection collection with a vintage style that spells sophistication.










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