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Get That Good Girl Bikini That Kendall Jenner Wore


Summer's approaching (oh well, it's summer all year round for us in Singapore anyway!) and it's time for us to look into our swimwear wardrobe.

Credit: Getty / J. Almasi

Kendall Jenner was recently seen in a Lisa Marie Fernandez two-piece swimwear but it was nothing like anything we had expected her to wear. Known for her sexy and edgy take on fashion, this piece of sweet pink ruffled bikini with high waist bottoms came as a surprise to her fans. However, Kendall being Kendall, she looked feminine and sweet, rocking the sweet piece just like she would rock any other design.

One of this year's biggest swimwear trends is high-waisted bottoms for those retro vibes. If you are inspired by Kendall Jenner's look, scroll down to get the exact same piece that she wore.


Lisa Marie Fernandez Two-PIece Colby Ruffle Button Bikini