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Fortune Hello Kitty EZ-Charms Are Launching on 16th January


Instead of using an EZ-Link card, why not go for the convenience of a cute EZ-Link charm?


For the uninitiated, EZ-Charms function in the exact same way as EZ-Link cards. They can be used on public transits such as buses, trains and taxis and even at retail and vending outlets which accept EZ-Link for payment. You can hang it together with your keys or use it as a bag charm, and there's no way you will forget them when you leave your house.

Shopee partnered with EZ-Link to launch the EZ-Link official store online some months back and the Doraemon EZ-Charms were sold out within 24 hours. Come 16th January, EZ-Link will be launching a brand new EZ-Charm featuring one of our favourite Sanrio characters, Hello Kitty!
The Fortune Hello Kitty EZ-Charms will be available exclusively on EZ-Link's official store on Shopee at just $29.90. We got a feeling that these charms will be snatched up fast so shoppers should add them to their cart once the clock strikes midnight on the 16th.
While most of the previously launched EZ-Charms were already sold out, the Wonder Woman charm and the Olaf charm are still available.