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How to Mimic Suzy's Style in K-Drama "While You Were Sleeping"


"While You Were Sleeping" is one of the most talked about drama in 2017 and it has recently bagged a few awards in SBS Drama Awards. Apart from the great storyline and superb cast, we had our eyes glued to the screen to check out Suzy's style in the drama too.

Suzy plays Nam Hong Joo in the drama, a girl who could foresee the future in her dreams, and she worked together with Lee Jong Suk who took up the role of Jung Jae Chan, a prosecutor who could change the results of those dreams. Suzy looked dramatically different from her usual self in a bob haircut and very natural makeup in the drama. Her new look was a refreshing change and made us all want to chop off our locks and buy some new button-down shirts.

If you love Suzy's style in "While You Were Sleeping", read on to find out how you can mimic her style easily.


1. Plaid Coats

Nam Hong Joo wears a lot of different coats throughout the drama, over her turtlenecks, shirts, and tees, and it seem's that plaid coats are her top favourite. Go a little oversize to get her style. Try a plaid suit if you want to.


Credit: Idols Fashion


Credit: China Attila


2. Trench coats

On her professional front, Nam Hong Joo puts on her trench coats and these are two of our favourites.


Credit: SBS Korea


Credit: Blog Haunt

Go for versatile shades like camel and grey and if you ever hear anyone telling you that you can't wear trench coats in Singapore, don't believe them because we can! Opt for lightweight materials to suit our hot and humid weather.


3. Feminine ruffled bell sleeves blouse

Statement sleeves have been around for a wild and this trend is going to make it ways into 2018 seamlessly. Go for softer materials for a more feminine look.


Credit: SBS Korea


4. Glasses

Glasses can easily be one of the easiest accessories to work with. Go for a slightly round-ish design that is all the rage now.


Credit: SBS Korea


Credit: Soompi


5. Hoodies and tracksuits

Athleisure is still all the rage and while you don't expect to see those pink Juicy Couture tracksuits, the supermodels are already putting on their primary coloured, sportier tracksuits as their model-off-duty street style now. Suzy as Nam Hong Joo wears quite a lot of hoodies and tracksuits when she's at home, but they are definitely great for the streets as well.


Credit: Soompi


Credit: Soompi/KDramaStyle


6. Oversized sweatshirts with skinny jeans

Borrow your boyfriend's sweatshirt to work this look. Perfect for a lazy weekend!


Credit: SBS Korea