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iRoo Store Opening - The Prelude


iRoo's first flagship store in Singapore is its biggest and largest foray outside of Taiwan, occupying a staggering 4,200 square feet in Shoppes at Level Two at the brand new Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort, so it is only appropriate that the store opening is amidst much fanfare!

And much fanfare there was. As this was its first venture overseas, iRoo understood that it was absolutely vital that public awareness and interest were heightened. Partnering with MyFatPocket, a series of holistic integrated offline and online campaigns were launched and carried out all the way till the day of iRoo's soft launch and grand opening.

You might have taken notice of the articles introducing you to the brand values and ideologies behind iRoo, the blog entries from MyFatPocket's team of bloggers, and even the banner ads around our site. All these, however, were just a lead up to the biggest campaign, the walking ads, as well as, of course, the grand opening of the store itself.

What better way to drum up public awareness and interest with four pretty models strutting through the busy streets of Orchard Road accompanied by a series of iRoo walking advertisements?

iRoo Walking Ad Campaign

The woman who dons iRoo is one who's a fashion forward cosmopolitan, who's always on the forefront of fashion trends, and who's always looking her best at all times. And it's with these reasons that our ten iRoo models were chosen. A mix of MFP's own bloggers and some of the blogsphere's most familiar faces, these girls were thought to represent the iRoo brand the best, out of which, Holly Jean, Crystal Shong, Agri, Vell Ong gamely stepped up to take to the streets of Orchard.

Four hours of trotting around the main shopping complexes at Orchard Road in the hot sun was definitely no easy feat, but our models put on their brightest smiles and strutted their stuff. Pretty girls in pretty clothes - Was it any wonder that the walking ad campaign attracted so much attention from onlookers (who, reportedly, even took pictures with their own cameras and phones)? The campaign was definitely a roaring success!

Preparation for Grand Store Opening of iRoo

Naturally, the walking ad campaign was just a precursor to the highly anticipated grand opening of iRoo store on the 2nd of July. It was to be a glitzy evening affair, with an exciting showcase of iRoo's collections by the models, attended by who's who of the fashion industry and the media, and graced by even Taiwan's ambassador Vanessa Shing herself.

However, behind every glitzy and glamourous event is a whole lot of hard work and preparation to ensure that everything runs smoothly and everybody goes home happy. Hours of hair and makeup are just a small part of what goes on behind the scenes prior to an event, and models sit through grueling hours of rehearsals as well. And the grand store opening of iRoo was no different!

On the day of the store opening, the selected models (Holly Jean, Crystal Shong, Agri, Vell Ong, Constance Lau, June Wee, Lurvies Chia, Jamie Lee Frankland, Valarie Yeo, Chanel Lyn) arrived promptly at the store hours before the event for their hair and makeup and rehearsal.

With ten models and only two makeup artists and hairstylists on hand meant that there was a lot of waiting around for the models. Everybody was however, good natured and professional and chatted amicably among themselves.

Makeup artist Aileen working on Constance

Aileen working her magic on Holly Jean

After they were all dolled up by the makeup artists and hairstylists, the models were whisked off for a round of fittings for their outfits. To reflect the diversity in collection of clothes offered by iRoo, the models were dressed according to three different themes, in City, Casual and Party collection outfits.

Our beautiful models Chanel and Lurvies

Hours of waiting, one last round of prep talk, a quick dinner and touch-up later, it was finally showtime for the models!


As guests started to arrive at the event, the models quickly took their positions...


What exactly were the models up to? Stay tuned to find out...