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Louis Vuitton Is Opening Its First Café and Restaurant in Japan


Louis Vuitton will be putting on its chef's hat for the very first time in history, and the fashion powerhouse will be opening its first café and restaurant in Osaka, Japan.

Louis Vuitton Café Restaurant Japan Osaka

Credit: Louis Vuitton 

Le Café V, Louis Vuitton's first café, and Sugalabo V, its first restaurant, will be housed on the top floor of its new 4-level store in Osaka and acclaimed chef Yosuke Suga will be taking charge of the menu at the eateries. The doors of both the café and the restaurant will open in February 2020.

Le Café V will also feature a cocktail bar and outdoor terrace, and customers can head up anytime to take a break at the cafe after their shopping in the store. A speakeasy-esque door in the cocktail bar area of Le Café V will open up into Sugalabo V in the evening at dinnertime. Before you walk in to the restaurant and get turn away, you need to keep in mind that Sugalabo V will only accept a limited number of diners every evening and it won't be easy trying to get a reservation.

Here's a sneak peek of the store together with the café and the restaurant.

All images credit: Louis Vuitton