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Not Sure If You Need It but Here's the Louis Vuitton Jenga Set


Pull out this extremely extra Jenga set to impress your friends at the next gathering.

Credit: Louis Vuitton 

Louis Vuitton just launched its version of Jenga that is perfect for those with expensive taste. A set of this Louis Vuitton Jenga set will set you back by a whopping $4300, and FYI, for that amount of money, you can buy 152 sets of the original wooden Jenga blocks.

Well, if you really have the extra moolahs on hand, the Louis Vuitton Jenga set comes with 54 pieces of plexi-glass blocks in shades of blue and pink, adorned with Louis Vuitton motifs. They are housed in a plexiglass box with a leather handle and I guess that's as luxurious as you can get for a game set.

Just make sure you don't lose any piece of the pricey blocks.