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Pandora Presents Their Spring 2019 Collection with Nature Inspired Icons


This season, Pandora presents a whole new garden of styles designed to inspire women to explore their creativity and express themselves in ways that feel natural to them.

More than a collection, the Pandora Garden is a place of self-expression, a new way to convey feelings and express your femininity through a series of beautiful styles and icons. Expertly hand-finished in high-quality materials, the collection is rich in detail and symbolism, allowing women to weave meaningful messages into their personal storytelling and channel their inner confidence.

Each of the nature-inspired icons – the butterfly, the four-leaf clover, the ladybird and the flower – carries a special, empowering meaning, from personal transformation to making your own luck and expressing your unique kind of beauty from the inside out.

Browse through some of the collection here:


The PANDORA Spring 2019 collection is now available at PANDORA Stores and eStore; prices start from $29.