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SK Jewellery Xifu Collection - The Si Dian Jin for the Modern Bride


Si Dian Jin is a set of four pieces of jewellery that is given to the bride by the groom's mother as a betrothal gift. An important part of the Chinese wedding traditions, it is a symbolic gesture that signifies that the bride will be part of the groom's family and she will always have a home to go back to.

Sheila Sim and Lin Peifen don the latest Si Dian Jin from the 999 Pure Gold Xifu Collection. 


Although Singapore is a modern society, the younger generation still follows and carry out the traditional ceremonies when it comes to their wedding. However, we do see that couples nowadays are choosing Si Dian Jin with modern designs to suit their style.

SK Jewellery launched their premium 999 Pure Gold Xifu (囍福) Collection last Thursday evening at JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach, and we had a sneak peek into the whole collection with a runway show that featured wedding dresses and Si Dian Jin from the past to present.

Influencer Melissa C. Koh decked in the latest Xifu Collection, with her fiance James.


The Xifu Collection boldly redefines the art and culture of Si Dian Jin through innovative, top-notch craftsmanship and the use of highest quality 999 Pure Gold. It is conceptualised to honour Chinese wedding traditions with a contemporary approach and the Chinese character for double happiness (囍), and that for good fortune (福), form the brand name and conveys a joyous reverence for the sacred union between a man and a woman, the blessings from parents and the exuberant celebration of the momentous event.

Inspired by love and conjugal bliss, the Xifu Collection comprises a wide range of Si Dian Jin sets, ranging from traditional sets featuring the revered motif of dragon and phoenix to ultra-sleek and modern sets with stylised interpretation of elegant flowers such as lilies and plum blossoms.

Be it modern or traditional, every Si Dian Jin set features astounding details that tell meaningful matrimonial stories and beautifully convey the giver’s blessings to the new couple.

The Golden Rays of Sun (藏龙舞凤) bangle


The Golden Rays of Sun (藏龙舞凤) bangle stole our hearts when we set our eyes on it. At first glance, the statement bangle is stylishly chic with a smooth matte gold surface that glows ever so subtly. The secret, however, lies in the inside of the bangle. Carved three-dimensionally is a pair of majestic dragon and phoenix, symbolising the perfect match of the new couple and marital bliss. Despite the small surface area and the challenge of carving on the inside, the details on the mystical pair are simply stunning, in which each scale and feather are accurately and lovingly represented. This masterpiece is absolutely perfect for fashion-forward brides, who appreciate the seamless union of tradition and modernity, and the smart juxtaposition of classic and contemporary design.

The Double Happiness (喜结连理) Si Dian Jin set defies convention with its unexpected pop of colour and chic simplicity. 
For the bride who loves lavish and intricate design, the majestic Flight of Nobility (百鸟朝凤) necklace is a pure work of art that she will love for many years to come. 
The 999 Pure Gold Xifu Collection is now available at all SK Jewellery showrooms.