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Sustainable Fashion: Pomelo's "Purpose" Launches Another Collection


For those of us who can't give up shopping and yet are feeling guilty knowing exactly how fast fashion and the consumer culture is affecting the environment, keep in mind that we can always purchase environmental friendly, and sustainable fashion items to play our part to protect Mother Earth.

In 2018, Pomelo launched ‘Purpose by Pomelo’ making it Southeast Asia’s first fast-fashion brand to introduce a sustainable collection. The collection was welcomed by the millennials who were very environmentally aware and saw a huge success, and the brand went on to launch three more sustainable collections after that. The latest Purpose By Pomelo collection, launches August 5th on POMELOFASHION.COM, came with a mission to change the way fast fashion impacts the planet.

Pomelo aims to reduce its carbon footprint by collaborating with EcoMax, one of Asia’s few suppliers of Recycled PET material, made from used plastic bottles. Inspired by safari styles, the twenty-nine piece collection ranges from versatile tops and bottoms to relaxed dresses - all in soft, neutral shades from camel to khaki green. Crafted from RPET and organically-sourced fabrics including linen, cotton, and natural dye, it aims to reduce the fashion industry’s impact on natural resources.

Sustainable fashion isn't just about the material the fashion items are made of, but also, keeping the environment in mind all the way from the way clothes are made, how they are used, to how they will be disposed of. To complete the entire experience, Pomelo customers can drop-off their old clothes at Pomelo 313@somerset. Exceptionally, Pomelo now offers all customers a chance to make a donation from the comfort of their homes. Customers can book a free donation pick up service for up to 3 kg. of their used clothing on the Pomelo App for a period of one month starting August 5th until September 5th, 2019. After September 5th, the free donation pick up service will be given to first-time Purpose shoppers in Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia only. An alternative option for customers who want to contribute even further to the cause, is to donate in person at Pomelo’s partnered drop-off locations.

Starting at SGD 34, Purpose is conveniently available to shop at 313@somerset, POMELOFASHION.COM, or on the Pomelo iOS and Android Apps from August 5th. See the full collection here.