Fashion Spotting

Fashion Spotting @ Clarke Quay


I'm sure by now if you are a fan of Posh, you would know how she'd always be carrying a bag through her arm. So, if you are going to let your bag do all the talking, dress simple. I would skip the tank top and opt for something a tad more classy with John Lewis. Every working woman walking down the streets of Clarke Quay deserves to own that one special work tote to impress... Should it be a Prada or Miu Miu? I'll let you decide for yourself.

A little tip when it comes to dressing up: Go loose on the top if you are aiming for something tight-fitting at the bottom. We want to keep as much as we should under wraps, right? And since we are showing off some legs there, do remember to epilate those nasty leg hairs! You won't want unsightly stray hair to appear at the wrong areas, do you? And always remember to keep your face properly cleansed in weather this hot!

Casual Chic! Just like our inspiration, Sienna Miller, our best dressed today is definitely working her casual Friday outfit, just that it doesn't look boring at all! This is the look you can opt for if home is not where you are heading straight after work. Note the detailing on the harem pants and try to keep it simple for your top! Accessorise with bangles or drape jewellery to add on the style factor.

This is definitely every child's nightmare, or rather, everyone's. I'm totally cool with wearing sneakers but what in the world are these?! As if everything is not more wrong already? Platform Sneakers? She just topped the icing to her evil spongebob cake.

For those of you who don't know what a zebroid is, it is a cross between a horse and a zebra! And it is naturally sterile (or impotent) at birth. So if you don't want to look like you have an odd pink thing hanging out of your arms while you are in stripes, never dress in horizontal stripes. Pronto.

I guess this is how Minnie Mouse would look like if Disney never made her ageless? It's only logical right?