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12 Tips for Walking Confidently in Those High Heels


Sometimes those shoes were not made for walking- but I promise you I’ll wear them anyway, AND I’ll rock them with full confidence in my amazing high heel walking abilities. Walking confidently in high heels involves many components like having the right attitude, gathering strength and having a tight core, starting small and practicing as often as you can. After years of wearing heels, I’ve come to The Talko to share with you my absolute best tips for walking confidently in those sky-high heels!


12. Take a yoga class

Walking confidently in high heels starts with one core point- balance. Taking a yoga class will help to strengthen and lengthen your muscles while also exercising your core and improving both your focus and your balance. It’s so important to activate your core while you’re walking in heels. A strong core will make walking in heels a breeze- when you have a strong core, you’ll stand up straighter and you’ll be generally stronger, which will help your walk immensely.

11. Sit when you can

Taking breaks is important in order to improve the longevity of your night on the town. Taking a seat for a few minutes every hour or so will give your feet and your shoes a much needed break, especially if you’ll be spending a long period of time on your feet. Sitting with your legs crossed while wearing heels has an added benefit of allowing you to show off your gorgeous pair!

10. Utilize orthodics/insoles

Orthodics and insoles are a dream come true. Orthodics are shoe inserts that are perfectly matched to your foot print and help to offer support and a little bit of cushion to your shoes, I find them to be especially useful in heels because they’re generally so uncomfortable to begin with. If you’re not into making an appointment with a Podiatrist, try picking up some regular old insoles from your local drugstore! While insoles are perfectly matched to your footprint, they do offer some support and comfort in all the right places. Orthodics and insoles will have you feeling like you’re walking on a cloud and will allow you to walk for longer periods of time in your favorite pumps! I also like to utilize blister bandages before I even get a blister! Pop one of these thick bandages on the back of your heel to prevent a blister and always keep a few in your purse in case you get one. These bandages add so much cushion that you can’t even feel the blister!

9. Rough up the bottom of your shoes

A slippery surface is a worst case scenario for any heel wearer. Combine that slippery surface with a brand new shoe and you’ll be looking like a fashion runway nightmare, slipping and sliding all over the place (you know exactly what I’m talking about- and if you don’t, YouTube it and try your best not to laugh.) Rough up the bottom of your shoes with sand paper, gravel, or non-slip soul stickers to prevent a major heel faux-pas. The bottom of your shoes will be able to better grip any surface when they’re a little more worn-in.

8. Exercise

Exercise is important in all facets of your life when it comes to living healthy but it’s especially important to be strong while walking in heels. While leg exercises are crucial when it comes to wearing heels (obviously) it’s also important to have a very strong core to keep you balanced and controlled in your movements. Try adding ankle twists, calf stretches, calf raises, squats, lower back superman, knee extensions, lower back stretches and core exercises like planks, crunches and sit-ups to your regular workout routine in order to keep your core tight and your legs strong. You’ll notice a significant difference in the way you walk in no time!

7.  Take it slow

Walking slow not only makes it easier to walk in heels but it also makes you look a lot more casual and sexy! Walking too quickly can be a sign of insecurity and it can also affect the quality of your walk. Taking slow, small steps will allow you to wear the heels for a longer period of time and will allow you to walk further in them. Save the New York City pace for your sneakers and trade it for a cool Key West stroll in your killer heels!

6. Make sure your shoes fit properly


A proper fit is key when it comes to high heels. We’re not sure what is worse, a shoe that is cutting off your circulation and uncomfortably scrunching up your toes or a pair of shoes so big that they’re falling off mid-step. Just because a size 7 seems to fit you properly, always be sure to be measured like you would before you’d buy a bra. If your shoes are too small, they’re guaranteed to cause you some pain and everyone will be able to see that in your walk. If your shoes are too big, you’ll be slipping and sliding out of them which will be even more obvious to the outside eye. Proper sizing is absolutely crucial.

5. Start small


For newbie heel-wearers, a pair of 6 inch stilettos probably isn’t the best way to get started on this new magical journey. Start small by wearing kitten heels, then try a pair of boots with a heel, move on to some wedge sandals, then platforms, and then finally you’ll be able to get to wearing those killer stilettos without looking like Bambi on ice. I highly recommend wedges and boots with heels because with wedges, you don’t have to worry about balancing on a tiny heel and with boots you have the added support of a shoe all up your leg, putting less stress on your ankle and foot. I’m even able to wear wedges and booties during long shopping days!

4. Break them in

Breaking in your shoes is very important for solely (no pun intended) comfort purposes. If you find your shoes are a little too snug, fill a plastic bag with water, insert the bag in your shoes and throw them in the freezer. As the water freezes, it will expand in your shoes and stretch them out a little bit. You may repeat this process as many times until your shoes fit comfortably. Practice walking around the house as this is a great way to get used to your gorgeous new high heels.

3. Take small strides

Taking small steps is crucial when it comes to walking in high heels. When your heel is elevated in the shoe, your stride is already naturally shortened. It’s important to recognize this fact and not get too ahead of yourself by attempting to take your regular strides. Leaning back a bit is a great way to keep your strides small, so that your legs won’t be as likely to get ahead of your body too much.

2. Practice

A wise man once said that practice makes perfect, and that saying definitely rings true when it comes to learning how to walk flawlessly and confidently in heels. Before a big night out on the town with your gorgeous new heels, be sure to practice walking in them at least a week in advance. Walking around the house in your heels can help you learn about the things you will and won’t be able to do on your night out. Maybe the stairs are a no-go in your sky high heels, maybe you’ll have to do more sitting than you originally thought. As well as gathering some crucial information about your shoes, you’ll be able to break them in a little bit, making them more comfortable and getting your feet used to the material and the angles!

1. Be confident

Confidence is number one when it comes to walking in heels. There’s nothing worse than seeing a beautiful girl who’s clearly not confident, especially when they’re wearing a stunning pair of 6 inch stilettos. It’s all about faking it until you make it. The biggest giveaway of a newbie heel-wearer is the lack of confidence that they present. Always walk into a room like you own it and you will!


Source: The Talko