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6 Sneaker Trends Taking Centre Stage in 2018


While dainty shoes and kitten heels were top choices for females some 10, 20 years back, sneakers have been reigning supreme and taking the top spots on our OOTDs regardless of whether we are rocking athleisure outfits or donning a cute sundress for the past few years.

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If you are one of the sneakerheads who look out for sneakers trends every season, this is for you. We did the footwork and here are the 6 sneaker trends that will be taking the centre stage this year.


1. Go chunky or go home

From the models, the Fashion Week street style stars, to the celebrities, everyone seemed to be wearing them. These '90s throwback Dad sneakers are here to stay with the big brands and fast fashion brands launching them in full force. Opt for chunky soles and colour blocking designs to be part of the in crowd.

Colour blocking Dad sneakers design from Balenciaga /Credit: Getty Images

Louis Vuitton /Credit: Louis Vuitton

Kendall Jenner with her pair of chunky Dad sneakers. Credit: Getty Images


2. Gum Soles

Bringing with it some retro skater vibes, the gum sole from the past is making a comeback in 2018. We are guessing that the Puma Fenty Creepers may be the main reason for gum soles to take centre stage again but whatever the reason may be, we need a pair this season.

Credit: Puma

Credit: Unsuccessfully Cliche


3. Zap those velcros

Definitely not the kind you wore when you were a kid! Velcros took over the shoelaces but remember to get updated designs like chunky soles or bolder colours.

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Credit: Getty / Edward Berthelot 


4. Go big on logos

And this is how you show everyone that your sneakers are luxurious, isn't it? The logo craze moved from tees and bags onto shoes and brands like Gucci, Chanel, and Vetements, for example, are already incorporating their iconic logos onto their kicks.

Credit: Getty / Mireya Acierto

Credit: Snobette


5. Sock sneakers

Sock Boots were huge in F/W 2017 and it seems like the sock trend has spilled over to S/S 2018. 

Credit: Getty / Christian Vierig 

Fendi Metallic Stretch-Knit Sneakers /Credit: Net-A-Porter


6. Let it glitter

Get an extra sparkle by putting on a glittery pair of kicks this season. A full glitter design is a popular pick, but if that is too much for you, pick one with just accents of glitter for a more subtle look.

Credit: Fashion Police

Gucci Silver Glitter Planet New Ace Sneakers /Credit: Gucci