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6 Ways to Style Oversized Blazers


The huge '80s movement is bringing back the oversized silhouette.

Credit: Pinterest/ yoyokulala/ Song of Style

Fitted blazers may be what we are used to, but trends come and go and fashion is meant to be experimental and fun. Step out of your comfort zone, ditch your fitted blazers and it is time to try the oversized blazer as a worthy alternative. Let's take a look at 6 refreshing ways to style the new (well, not exactly) silhouette to avoid looking like you just stepped out of an '80s sitcom.


1. Cinched at waist

Wide or thin, plain or embellished, pick your favourite belt, or even a belt bag and wear it over your oversized blazer. 

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: yoyokulala


2. Half-tucked

Yes, blazers are outerwears  but it's time to break that rule. For a fashion-forward look, tuck only half of your oversized blazer into your bottom.

Credit: Instagram @ada_oguntodu


3. With bicycle shorts

Blazers are no longer solely for 9 to 5. Achieve that athleisure look by pairing them with a pair of bicycle shorts.

Kylie Jenner /Credit: Teen Vogue

Aimee Song /Credit: Song of Style


4. Over maxi dresses

Our favourite styling goes to oversized blazers over maxi dresses. Effortlessly chic.

Credit: Where to Get It 

Credit: Collage Vintage


5. As a dress

Yup, pants are not necessary. Wearing a blazer as a dress is the perfect combination of proper v.s sexy.

Credit: q-e3

Credit: Pinterest


6. With just a simple tee

Last but not least, you won't go wrong with wearing it together with just a simple tee.

Credit: Popsugar