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8 Fashion Resolutions You Need to Make for 2018


Rules are meant to be broken, and this is especially true when it comes to fashion. Let this list not be one of those "fashion trends to follow in 2018" kind of guide, but more of one that encourages you to be uniquely yourself and let your personality shine through your fashion choices.


MyFatPocket Resident Blogger Emily Tan /Credit: Instagram @emmtann 


1. Step out of your comfort zone

Many of us dress the way we always dress because we fear the awkwardness when friends or colleagues start to comment on our new look. We also dress the same way to feel safe and comfortable, and since there were positive comments from our friends on this particular style ten years ago, we should still look good now, right? Absolutely not.


Britney Spears was definitely trendy but then but we are sure that she wouldn't want to wear this outfit now. /Credit: Bustle

You know how fast fashion trends move and what was regarded as stylish years back is definitely out now. You don't have to revamp your whole wardrobe all at once, but instead, include little items and accessories, and step by step, move out of the fashion rut that you have been stuck in for so long.


2. Take note of colour trends


Credit: Youtube Stasia Alia

Instead of sticking to neutral colours all the time, look out for colour trends throughout the year to pop your outfit. Pantone's colour of the year is Ultra Violet and beauty and fashion trends are predicted to revolve around this colour at least for a while. 


3. Go for "Out of Season" colours too

Although the above point states that we should look out for new colour trends, does it mean that we can't wear colours that are no longer "in"? Of course not, and in fact, we are urging you to wear the colours you like, and the colours that flatter you even if they are out of season.


Credit: Pinterest

Bright and cheery colours definitely work for Spring/Summer but if you like muted tones and darker shades like mauves and maroons, why not? Bold primary colours were all the rage in 2017, but you want to wear them in 2018? Please go ahead.


4. Show skin only if you want to

We have some preconceived notions on what to wear for different kinds of occasions. When it comes to a night out in the clubs, most ladies would think that we should show some skin with a tube top or a mini dress with a low neckline.


Credit: Pinterest

What we want to say here is this: You should only show some skin only if you want to, and not because you "have to". You should be happy and comfortable in whatever you are wearing and feel confident about it. You are most beautiful when you are oozing confidence.


5. Try new cuts

Have you been wearing only skinnies and fitted jackets since 2008? Perhaps it is time for you to explore different options that have popped up in the trendy section while you were getting too busy with life.


Credit: Stylenanda


Credit: Jolin Tsai Facebook

Try cropped flares, mum jeans and boyfriend cuts for your denims this year, and instead of fitted jackets, go for oversized ones and see how they turned out. Don't worry if you think you look strange because you definitely don't.  It is time to get used to new cuts and designs. 


6. Learn to accessorize

Accessorising is one of the easiest ways to make a plain outfit look stylish. However, Singaporeans are so conservative and worried about being judged by their friends that sometimes it takes a lot of courage even to put on... a hat.


MyFatPocket Resident Blogger Christy Ho /Credit: Instagram @christyfrisbee

It is 2018 and it is definitely time to rock those accessories that you hid in your wardrobe for so long. Take out those headbands, hats, statement earrings, cute socks, outerwears for layerings and start accessorizing already!


7. Say no to trendy brand collaborations if they are just not your style


Credit: Hype Beast

Remember the long queues when Balmain collaborated with H&M? Or the overnight queues when Louis Vuitton collaborated with Supreme last year? They are trendy, they are Insta-worthy, and owning a piece definitely makes your friends envious. If they speak your unique style, I'll say go ahead. However if you are purchasing it because it is the hype of the moment, don't. It isn't worth the money if you wear it once and put it away and let it disappear into the black hole. Worse still if you don't even feel comfortable and confident when you put them on.

We say: wear your style and personality on your sleeves. Leave the rest to the others.


8. Mix old and new pieces


Credit: Harper's Bazaar

We buy more and more and our wardrobe is just one more piece away from exploding. Remember that you can always create new styles by mixing your old pieces with your new favourites. Take the weekend to look through what you have and play around by mixing and matching them. You will be in for surprises!