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The Disney Villains Jewellery Collection to Bring out Your Dark Side


Move away, princesses! We are going to pay homage to our inner evil queen with RockLove Jewelry's Disney Villains jewellery collection.

Credit: Instagram @rocklovejewelry

The Disney princesses are in the limelight all the time and it is about time we give the Disney villains the attention that they deserve. RockLove Jewelry dropped a collection of necklaces and earrings that are inspired by the Disney villains from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Alice in Wonderland, and The Little Mermaid.

Credit: Instagram @rocklovejewelry


Credit: Instagram @rocklovejewelry

For those of us who identify with the Evil Queen, Ursula, or the Red Queen instead of the saccharine sweet princesses, it's finally time for us to go shopping. *evil grin*


Take a look at the full collection in the slideshow below.


Shop the collection at RockLove Jewelry.