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Upcycle Your Old Clothes Into Trendy Pieces


Many businesses took a major hit with the COVID-19 situation, and it seems that it isn't going away soon. Most of us have tightened our belts and stopped spending on non-essentials, and that includes new clothes when we already have a bursting wardrobe at home.

Upcycling Clothes Thrift Fashion

Credit: bestdressed

Why not upcycle your old clothes then, and redesign them into something a little more current with your creativity? For the uninitiated, upcycling simply means transforming things that you already own into something useful to cut down on waste. In fashion sense, that would mean to bring out things that you are not wearing anymore, redesign them into something trendier and more current with some sewing. That way, you can wear them out again instead of throwing them away, something that singer Dua Lipa advocates too.

For many of us who are bad at craftworks or are just not the creative types, upcycling our clothes sounds like an uphill mission. But in the YouTube era, where else to seek inspirations and pick up the tools of the trade than YouTube itself? There are so many talented individuals who are sharing their creativity with step-by-step instructions on how we can upcycle our clothes.

Here are two videos by influencer Ashley (@best.dressed) for you to get some upcycling inspirations. Go on and try them out yourselves!