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How Korean Girls Like to Be Pretty (Korean Beauty Standards) [Video]


Every culture has a different definition of beauty. And Korea has its own ways of trying to look pretty. So pretty Korean girls will pay attention to somethings that you might not even care about. See what kinds of Korean beauty there are!

If you think there’s one beauty standard for all of Korea, you’re crazy. There are 50 million people in South Korea and that means there are 50 million different opinions! But with that said, Koreans do tend to pay attention to certain things more than others.

So here are what Korean people (mostly women) pay attention to!

There are two types of eyes. Ones with an extra fold in the eyelid (called 쌍꺼풀 / ssankkeopul) and ones without. Having the “double eye lid” was pretty popular in the last 10 to 20 years.

But many people also believe that eyes without the “double eye lid” is prettier. It really depends on the person.

A long time ago, it was a really enviable trait to have light skin tone. That’s because it meant that you stayed indoors and didn’t work outside, and that basically meant that you were of the high class.

So a lot of modern Korean women still favor that.

There’s sunscreen included in a lot of lotions and whitening creams are also popular products. But of course there are some women that favor darker skin tones as well; it’s just not as common.

There are all different types of face shapes, but many Korean people often talk about the “V-line” as being one of their favorites. “V-line” is when the face is narrower and the chin is sharper. The egg face shape is also quite popular as well.

But of course this is all different according to individual taste. 

Koreans also take notice of head size. For many Koreans, smaller = better. But there are also people that do like the opposite as well.

Here’s our video!