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Is Vampire Filler, Selphyl, a Ghoulish Beauty Treatment?


Vampire Fillers Halloween is creeping in this season, so be afraid… Be very afraid! Keep those Vampire Diaries novels aside and chuck those Twilight DVDs away because Vampire Fillers are here to stay! Introduced only two years ago, Vampire Fillers, called Selphyl, is a new beauty treatment that, yes, uses blood. And your own blood, that is.

Your blood is used to create a natural alternative to cosmetic fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane. After drawing 20 millimetres of the blood, the doctor will spin it in a centrifuge for 8 minutes to separate the rich platelets from the blood.

A gel-like substance, Palette-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM,) is then added to FDA approved hyaluronic acid and re-injected into multiple areas of the skin of the face to treat and fill in wrinkles, plump up and heal tired and ageing and hollow skin.

The plasma in blood contains growth elements that can help with the natural healing process, which can help stimulate new collagen production… basically, to be a “vampire” that will help you acquire everlasting youth.

Ghoulish as the procedure sounds, some patients prefer the bizarre idea of using their own blood rather than a neurotoxin or synthetic filler to rejuvenate their faces. Spooky as it may seem, but it is perfect because unlike Juvederm or Restylane, no patient can have an allergic reaction because there is no chemical and it is their own tissue matter.

Results are said to last around a year and a quarter. So start “hocus pocus-ing” in a cauldron of your own blood because that will be your magic potion from now and *poof* begone those petrifying wrinkles!

But but but… it is not FDA approved, though (yet.)