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It's 2014. Why is Plastic Surgery still a Taboo?


Being an Editor of MyFatPocket, a beauty and fashion portal, for almost 5 years now, the perception of beauty has changed me. And the perception of “Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder” has taken a new meaning altogether.

Especially after we indulged further into the world of beauty and aesthetic and launched Aesthetics Hub in the early 2013.

I have learnt about the risk of invasive procedures such as liposuctions, implants and cosmetic corrections. My knowledge increased in the advancement of non and minimally invasive procedures - some of which I have personally tried in Singapore and South Korea, from Botox and fillers to RF Vac and Innofill.

But because I have learnt about the advancement of science and technology and especially more so that I am in this industry, it still perplexes me that an invasive procedure is still taboo.

 My friends rave about how beautiful the K-pop stars are. To which my retort will always be, “You mean how good their plastic surgeons are?” Speaking of which, do you know how native Koreans (sans plastic surgery era) actually look like?

There are so many bloggers who undergo these surgeries to look better for themselves, sponsored or fully paid. And many more people who approached me for recommendations on Korean doctors for double eyelid surgeries.

But when I tell my friends that I am considering liposuction, their eyes open as wide as marbles with their gobs agog, going “NO…!” in the most dramatic expression ever.

Double standard, much?

I hate my double chin and it seems like no matter what I do and how much I weigh, this genetic thing is and will always be an ongoing issue for me. For the rest of my life.

It is not about gaining confidence to accept the way I am. It is about the fact that I can do something to improve the way I look which will eventually elevate the way I feel about myself.

Is the fear really just about Liposuction per se or the immense number of accessible unskilled and unqualified doctors there are for those who don’t know better?

What is the real fear here?

Or is it just human nature to constantly be fearful and always remember the negative news that associates liposuction with death and plastic surgery to botched jobs?

What is the real taboo here?

That one cuts herself up to find a new breath of confidence in life or one who wants to change what was being given?

Tattoos were once upon a time a taboo and it has always been associated with negativity; except in indigenous cultures. But despite the possibility of skin infection, detrimental health risks and social stigma attached, that has not stopped people from getting a tattoo or two. Or even twenty four.

If science and society have truly advanced, why is there still a stigma to invasive procedures for cosmetic reasons?

The year is 2014. And I still don’t get it…