Beauty Trends

The 1920s Bob and Marcel Wave Hairstyles


Bobs and Marcel waves were famously fashionable during the 1920s and recently, we have seen that these trends are preparing for a comeback. Celebrities have cheekily chopped off their locks for the bob hairstyle or perfectly permed their hair to a Marcel wave-style.

Both hairstyles present femininity through a different medium. Bob hairstyles are pipin’ hot and sexy that goes well with both light and heavy make up. It’s versatile like that. Marcel waves are multi-faceted too. You can perm it with any length hair and still look retro-rara like in the 1920s!

Marcel waves are more for those who love to complete their make-up with an unforgettable pair of sexy lips donned in bright red lipstick. And not forgetting hair accessories to perfect the vintage look!

Here’s how to Create a beautiful soft marcel wave using your curling iron.