Korean Woman Looks 30 years Younger than Actual Age, may have Discovered Fountain of Youth


Contrary to popular belief, Asian women don’t all look 20 then suddenly transform into adorable old ladies when they turn 60. With that in mind, care to take a stab at how old this South Korean woman on the right in the left-side photo is?


Well, in that photo she’s in her late 40s. A few weeks of using the Shake Weight or some other “get skinny easy” informercial product, she’s now the woman on the right.

Just kidding about the Shake Weight.

Unfortunately, as nutritionists and your physical trainer will tell you, looking 20 to 30 years younger is really a matter of getting yourself to the gym five days a week and avoiding those Twinkies – which thankfully are only available on eBay for exorbitant prices since Hostess went out of business.

In reality, Jung Dae Yeonn is currently 46 years old, and allegedly achieved her stunning transformation through intense dieting and exercise. She’s now a minor celebrity in Korea and is making a lot of money endorsing beauty and fitness products.

Have a look at this gallery of Yeonn. You know, for inspiration.

First another eye-popping comparison shot.


That’s definitely not a Shake Weight.






We’re sensing a fitness-wear theme in most of these photos.

Maybe that Asian guy we see on YouTube all the time was right about all that diet and exercise advice…