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How to Achieve 2 Ponytail Fishtail Braids


Fishtail braiding is an art. This pretty and unique braiding is also known as the Herringbone or Fishbone, A lifestyle blogger, dblchin, teaches us how to achieve this fun hairstyle!


  • Clip away your fringe

  • Divide your hair into two

  • Take your right ponytail and divide the ponytail into half

  • Grab a small section and flip to the other side

  • Grab the other section and flip over

  • Repeat steps till your reach the end of the ponytail

  • Tie the braid when it reaches the end

  • Repeat for the other side

  • Apply some wax for any loose ends

  • Let down your bangs and curl it outwards

  • Apply some wax and tease your fringe