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How to Achieve Gold Stardust Star Bright Nails


Gold stardust is not the same as gold glitter. Gold stardust comprise of bigger speckle and create a more dimensional look to a plain nail. And the best thing about gold stardust nail polish is that you do not have to be precise upon application. The messier your fingernails, the better the 3-d effect you get!

Apply Base coat on nails prior to painting the nail art.

How to apply base colour on all fingers

1. Coat over 3 times on all fingernails with Champagne nail polish.

How to apply dimension to the stardust

1. Before applying the stardust, stroke half of the nails with gold shimmery nail polish.

2. For the stardust, use large gold glitter pieces.

3. Apply top coat nail polish as glue for the gold glitter pieces.

4. Stick several gold glitter pieces on the tip of the nails over the gold shimmer.

Finish off with top coat.