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How-to get Chanel's Signature Curls [Video]


In this edition of our how-to video, our host Chanel shares with you personal tips on how to curl your hair using hair rollers. Get Chanel's signature curls!

Not everyone is blessed with natural bouncing curls in their hair. To feed consumer demands, the beauty industry has an array of tools to help women achieve the look and these comes in the form of curling iron, flat iron, braids and scrunches to name a few. To get the right curls however is to apply the right method and there are many tutorials in beauty magazines and on online video sharing websites that serves as guide.

In this edition of our how-to video, our host Chanel shares with you personal tips on how to curl your hair using hair rollers. The hair roller set which can be easily purchased contains 4small/thin rollers and 6 big/thicker ones to suit individual’s need. The set comes with hair clips that help to attach the rollers to the hair for the curling to take place.

The hair roller also needs to be heated up, a process which takes approximately 10 minutes prior to usage. An important step to remember is the application of hair mousse before curling as the mousse keeps the curls intact ensuring a long lasting effect.

It is also important to completely dry the hair before curling to ease the forming of curls as hair that is wet is much harder to curl.

Once the rollers have been heated up, hair has been washed and completely dried; the following steps are recommended:

1. Part hair right down the middle.

2. Apply the Mousse to both sides by thoroughly running the fingers through the hair and ensuring that the bottom ends are not left out. This is important as usually how good a curl looks on hair is dependent on the bottom ends.

3. Bun and tie up one side to facilitate the ease of curling. (This is very practical as once you’re done rolling one side; you could start applying makeup or other facial beauty enhancement. When you’re midway through the makeup process, you could undo the rollers and it would be done. Then, you could start on the other side and finish the makeup process. By the time you’re done with your face, your hair would be all done as well).

4. Part the side which has not been bun and tied into top and bottom halves.

5. Bun the top half, leaving the bottom half ready to be rolled.

6. Twirl the ends of the bottom half around the hair roller ensuring that proper technique is used. This is to prevent loose hair which can affect the overall look.

7. Roll hair until it reaches the scalp before using the hair clip to hold the roller in place. Repeat this process until the entire bottom half of hair has been rolled and clipped.

8. Repeat the process for the top half.

9. Once the curls have set and the hair rollers removed, bun up the hair. This would merge the curls together giving a more wavy and bouncy appearance.

10. Repeat steps 4 to 9 for the other side.

Watch the video to see how it is done.

The hair rollers used in this video come in 2 different sizes and the choice of which is entirely up to the individual’s discretion and needs. A well curled hair is sure to turn heads and generate flattering compliments so do give our video guide a try, you never know, the bounce and curl in your hair could just add some bounce in your step as well!