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[Blogger Cassandra] How It Feels to Be in Love or Falling in Love


When it comes to the feeling of being in love, I can share a little bit of that as I had got a taste of it.

It can be in a simple form of care to a powerful form of drive for someone to go as far as possible to make one happy. Love makes you feel every kind of emotions, happiness; sadness; disappointment; anger; jealous; calm; safe; warm; silly; and amazing! The list goes on and on. Whether you are in love, fallen out of one or facing it one sided.

You feel like you can conquer the world that no matter what happens, when you fall, that someone is like a soft cloud that cushions you. You know you are in love when you feel like you are literally the happiest person on earth.

The happiness you felt with him is a very different one from the kind you get from your family and friends.

You smile when you saw him in the crowd. His simple joke makes you laugh. You will pay attention to all the things he is saying even if it doesn't necessarily make sense or is of your interest because you just want to give him all your attention. When he is texting, you would look at your phone over and over while waiting patiently just to see if he has replied your text even though you know that he might be busy doing something or texting others.

You take time and effort to prepare things for him because you want to let him know that he has a special place in your heart. You look forward and countdown to the days that you are going to see him again.

These are the kind of selfless love that one can give or feel when one is in love.

This Valentine's, to the lovers, I wish you only lots and lots of happiness.

To the fighter and the heartbroken, know that you WILL be in love again and that it only gets better. Be Brave to love again because you deserve better.

So, before that, it's time to love yourself first because you have done well by giving selflessly and it's time to give all that love to yourself now. *me giving you a pat on the shoulder*

Hold on and stay strong, better things are coming your way.

Wishing everyone loads and loads of happiness to come in this brand-new year!

Hugs, Cassandra.