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[Blogger Cassandra] Things That I Won't Buy Online


I LOVE online shopping because I don't have to squeeze with the crowd and I can do it in the comfort of my home. However, as much as I enjoy online shopping, there are still some things that I don’t buy online.



Not all shades fit every face the same way. When I buy a pair of shades, I need to know how well it sits on my face. For example, there are certain designs that don't fit so well, and whenever I smile, my cheeks pushed the pair of shades upwards.  And if have a flat nose like I do, those shades that are designed for those with higher nose bridges will definitely not fit well. Therefore, I would think that it is best to try out shades in stores to get one with a good fit than to buy them online.


I have problems with buying hats online because my head is a little smaller than average to fit those that are tagged "free size". They would easily fly off my head. Hence, unless it is those with adjustable straps, I would want to try out the hats before purchasing them. 


Last but not least, bras! Apart from sports bras and stick-on bras, I don't really buy bras online. Bras can be really uncomfortable if they don't fit well, and some can even cause pain with their underwires. And those are the moments when I want to just unhook, remove, and throw it away.

These are some of the items I avoid buying online. What are yours?