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[Blogger Cassie] 5 Things I Want to Do Before I Kick the Bucket


We all will leave this world someday. But when?

It's always a mystery.

So here are 5 things I must do before I bid goodbye to this world.



I always want, no no no, it's desire to leap of a plane which is up in the sky. Don't care how high the altitude, I am game for it. But you know skydiving is a sport you'll love to do it with someone you know and that is when you completed it, there's something to talk about. I'm still waiting for this person to come in my life and do this challenge.


Do a Nude Shoot

Wait! Not like in an erotic manner. I am referring artisitc shots okay.... Yes I always want to bare it all. But when I have the chance I'm attached or I don't really feel my body is in the correct form to proceed. I am pretty determined to work my body and shoo those fats. And when everything falls into place, I'll talk my partner out to allow me to do this. Because #YOLO


Stay in the Mediterranean

Nice houses, nice view, nice waters, what's more should I need to eleborate about this place? Waking up to instagram-worthy ambience all day long. Isn't it dope? And not mentioning seafood is like the everyday thing. MY FAVORITE~ Chillin' in your own yatch, drinking champage and taking a dip if you feel it's too sunny. OMG! I really want to leave there for at least a month! Always have been a place I want to go and this thought will never disappear.


Make out with a girl

Is it abnormal? HELL NO! Girl's have that desire too okay... I feel sometimes girl and girl can bring out another kind of "50 shades of woders". You don't try, you don't know. And the more you ponder, it will kill you. LOL! But of cause I am waiting for that right girl with that right click to do lah. The best is some russian hot chick (*chuckles)


Get Married

Because people come and go so darn quickly these days and marriage isn't what it was like in the past. And I do treasure this tradition of union-ing 2 souls. I do want to be like Disney princesses that found their prince and live happily ever after. Why not? I don't want to die alone okay... I believe in christ and I believe HE will comeby my life one day. I can't force this but to see where my destiny flows.

So having read my 5 things I want to do before I kick the bucket. Have you thought something for yourself? Life is short and unpredictable these days, we won't want to leave this world with regrets right? So maybe, dig into your darkest desire that no one knows and you want them so much but you are afraid someone might judge you. List them down like I did, so at least you were true to yourself when you wrote this. Remember one life time and that's it!