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[Blogger Charlotte] Things Not to Give Her on Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you have not planned your gift and date yet then you must be feeling rather panicky now. I know, we women enjoy little surprises and appreciate the time and effort taken to plan a memorable day for us on Valentine’s Day. However, making a terrible gift-giving decision may just ruin the day for you and your lover. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to warn all unknowing men out there the list of gifts, which you should try to avoid giving to your partner.



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This has to be the most unimaginative and least creative gift ever because nothing says I love you like a box of chocolates. No matter how much she loves chocolates, skip this because there are so many other days of the year that you can buy chocolate for her without appearing boring.


Any Household Appliances

It does not matter if it is the latest model that she was raving about a week ago or it is highly recommended by all your lady colleagues at work. Just buy these electronics with her and treat them as a gift for no absolute reason but never ever gift it to her for a special occasion. Do not even think about gifting any household appliances for other occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Giving her anything household-related just screams insincerity.


Lingerie, especially edible ones

Unless this is something that both of you really enjoy having in your bedroom romps else please do not even think about trying. I do not even think any of these edible underwear taste any good. Skip the lingerie too unless you know her size and style for sure because if you get anything that is a size up then you would insult her. If you get anything too small, it might just depress her and cause her to skip Valentine’s Day dinner altogether because she feels fat. Bring her shopping for lingerie and pay for it if you really need to.


Adult Bedroom Toys

And since we are on the topic of edible underwear, I believe it is important to highlight that Valentine’s Day is not the time to shower her with adult sex toys. Because you can be sure that sex is the last thing that you will get if you are to gift her these. Valentine’s Day is about love and romance, so maybe the two of you really enjoy raw and crazy sex but this is just not the appropriate time to bring out the bedroom toys.


The Xbox Or Any Couple Gifts

Unless she is a gamer girl who can kick ass on Halo else there is no excuse why you should be giving her something that you actually want for yourself. And there is no excuse for getting a “Couple’s gift”. This is not the time to attempt to make it seem like a gift for her when it is really for you.