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[Blogger Christy] Success Breeds Success: Self-Improvement Goes a Long Way


Over the weekend of 10-12 March, my boyfriend and I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive Workshop by Success Resources and were enlightened and enriched to say the least! Read on for my thoughts!

From L-R: Myself, my boyfriend Sky and our friend, Zhuang Xian

For those who don’t already know, I repel anything related to finance/investments/trading/mathematics. Well, I used to. See, my boyfriend loves the things I used to hate. Hate is a strong word but boy, was it hate. But the funny thing about hate is that it exists because of the lack of knowledge. We all shy away from things we don’t know and things we don’t ever want to know. It’s an instinct to avoid hardships and things that make us feel uncomfortable or vulnerable. However, in this dog-eat-dog world, staying within your comfort zone is as good as social/financial suicide.

To me, life is all about learning and growing. So when Sky asked me to join him, I wasn’t going to lie, I was apprehensive. Was it going to be a waste of life? Was this really important for me to give up so much of my time? Was I going to learn anything? I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest, but I went into this with a guarded mind and emerged a couple days later with a fresh outlook on life, success and wealth!

Overcoming fear: An arrow breaking activity that rocked my socks!

One of my doodles during the workshop

I met like-minded individuals, soaked up lots of positive vibes, listened to the instructors share their success stories and even broke an arrow with the softest spot on my neck! But I shan’t give away too much – you’d definitely need to experience it to get the full effect. All this was possible because I took the leap of faith. But taking the leap of faith was not easy. Sky was the one who convinced me to come along, knowing full well that I was the most disinterested person and that I might’ve literally died of boredom. Having a partner that’s willing to share his interests with you, helping you open your eyes to something you never thought you’d enjoy that would play an essential part of our future – now that’s success.

Trusting him to be there beside me every step of the way paid off. And the best part is? We learn and grow together. We were given a workbook filled with daily mantras and exercises, tasked to reflect on the course for the next 90 days. It has now become a part of our daily routine and has strengthened our relationship and encouraged us to be more positive than ever before.

To taking risks and acknowledging that there’s never a limit to self-improvement. The sky is the limit. (eheh see what I did there?)