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[Blogger Claire] How Did We Get to Know Each Other?


2 days before Valentine’s day is our anniversary date. And this year 12 February 2017 is actually our 9 years together. Isn’t it scary? 1 more year and it’s 10 years. It’s hard to believe that it was 9 years ago when he came to my then company to work as a part timer. I feel like he just emailed me only 2 years ago hahaha.

Well so today I’m going to share with you our story. The beginning only though. :p Simon has blogged about it before but I don’t think people will remember so I shall talk about it again!

I was working in Singtel back then as a customer service officer, he came in as a part timer with his group of friends and I noticed him because he was a very shy guy. Simon used to flush really easily last time!

My fatter days, also my ROM day.

It all started when his friend emailed to ask if Simon could get to know me. This is awkward because I said yes thinking it was another guy who wanted to know me. I mean I didn’t expect it’s Simon since he is so shy right?

So when he started emailing me - yes company email - I finally knew who this guy was. I still remembered him telling me he is the one wearing grey and I stood up immediately to check out this interesting grey guy.

I still remember the shy face he gave when I looked at him hahaha! Ever since then we emailed every day and he also asked me for my number.

After exchanging our numbers, we texted every day from morning to night and he even made me lunch. Sushi, Pizza and porridge. He cooked whatever I asked.

It was his first time making sushi and he didn’t sleep as he was up the whole night stressing over the sushi and trying to make it perfect for me. It was super sweet and of course I was super touched!

I think that’s why I accepted him. Very sweet, true and sincere. :)

9 years later and he is still the same. He has never changed. He is still the same guy that I knew back then. The same old person who is very true and sweet towards me. And always putting me as the priority.

There are some things that I obviously regretted doing but I am cherishing what I have right now.

I guess I’m done with this post now. Too much sweetness is so not me. LOL. Do have a blast on Vday! Simon and I will probably stay at home on the actual day because we prefer staying at home and spending quality time together.

So you active youngsters go have a blast! :) and once again Happy Valentine’s Day!

Till the next,
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