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[Blogger Claire] My Travel Experience in Hakone, Japan


A few months ago, Simon and I visited Japan! It’s been so long since we last went there so we were really looking forward to it!

This time round, we went to the tourist magnet Hakone which is about 2 to 3 hours away from Tokyo. This resort town is located at a mountainous area that is famous for its view of Mt Fuji and onsen (hot spring bath)!

The whole area is a resort town and as it was summer, a season for fireflies, we went to search for fireflies! I was looking forward to seeing those little floating lights, but when we walked in the dark and gloomy park that's famous locally for firefly sightings, we didn’t spot any.

Disappointed, we went to the bus stop and after waiting for half an hour, we realized the bus we took to the resort town was the last bus. Before letting panic overwhelm us, we set out to search for a train station and found one after an hour, fortunately.

Even if we were to be stranded, as Japan is a very safe country, it would have been alright to be stranded! LOL. We didn’t need to worry about robbers and the like, and could just focus on getting to the train station. The walk in the dark and chilly night was actually a nice experience because of the Japanese 'conbini' (convenience store) culture. We went into every 24-hour convenience store we passed by along the way and bought snacks each time. They have everything from cold pre-packed or microwaved food to freshly-fried hot finger food! My favourite is probably the croquette found in Family Mart.

We had nothing to worry about in Japan! 

Go there and find out for yourself all the variety offered in the convenience stores!