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[Blogger Claire] Shopping Helps Me to Reduce Stress


Like I mentioned in my earlier article, I really love shopping. The thing is I don’t have a style that I stick to. So I really spend a lot on different types of clothing. Well, although I buy a lot, I don’t wear all of them. That’s the thing about me and all women I guess. LOL.

I only shop when I need to, or when I see something nice from new blogshop launches. I set a budget for myself in case I overspend. But when I feel stress or when I need to find something nice for wedding dinners, D&Ds, special occasions and travels. I will go crazy shopping.

I get really anal about the clothes and I will spend days till late night looking for the one. It’s like I’m looking for a second husband but I’m only getting clothes that I will only wear once or twice.

During this period, I would buy without thinking. I just keep adding those clothes to my shopping cart and just checked out. I don’t even bother to look for discount codes. Ohmygod.

And guess what happens the following day? I get even more stress up because I realised I’ve overspend! So shopping only helps me for a short while. Sigh..

But anyhow, I recently came across this article where a girl talked about this rule which is called the 3 days rule.

This 3 days rule teaches us to wait 3 days before getting something. I’ve tried and it works! If you see something you like and you really feel like buying it, always wait 3 days before you spend the money. If you still think of that item after the 3 days, then go ahead and buy it. 

I’ve been using this trick and I think it really helps me to control my spending. Go try this and let me know if it works for you or not! I’m excited to hear from you!! :D