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[Blogger Hazel] 5 Steps to Being a Happier Person


There are ups and downs in life and everyone has to go through the all these different emotional stages in our life. Sometimes, we get lost searching for directions. Our body, mind and soul get disconnected and you will find that you are slowly losing yourself. 

Do you feel the same way as I do sometimes? When things get bad and when I feel upset, I will start to feel demoralized and emotional. There are many positive quotes to express happiness and one of my favourites is, "Happiness is not out there, it’s in you". We make the decision to be happy, and we should not let the situation control us. 


Here are 5 steps to being a happier person:

1. Always reflect on what’s going on in your life. Are the things that are happening around you always making you unhappy? Or, are there too many negative people in your life? Find the source of negativity and stop it. Find ways to stop it from spreading.

2. Have a good talk with yourself. I know it may sound crazy but I do sometimes talk to myself in front of the mirror. Tell yourself that you are awesome! You are beautiful! It helps!

3. Prioritize what is important. As you age, you will find happiness in the simplest things, like having some me time at home or spending a day watching tv with your loved ones. Identify it and make sure you do it frequently. These daily happiness will make a significant impact in your life and build up the positivity energy in you.

4. Adjust your mindset. A good mindset builds a positive growth in your daily life. Action speaks louder than words. Thus, search what fits you the best and stop worrying about things that are beyond your control. A good mindset also helps to build a better lifestyle and relationships as well.

5. Always remember to be grateful. Expressing gratitude is a form of achieving happiness too. It teaches you not to take things for granted and it is also an antidote to negative emotions. Identify what makes you grateful. Trust me, you will be smiling like a bright star.