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[Blogger Hazel] 5 Tips to Celebrate Valentine's Day For Singles


Valentine’s Day is probably the most overrated occasion to many people I guess. There are mixed feelings whenever this date arrives. Couples may be excited but singles may feel heartache and pain thinking about it. To me, I think it is just another marketing day for retailers to earn extra sales from all the gifts and dinner dates. Valentine's Day is a day for everyone to celebrate love regardless whether you are single or attached. It’s just like any other day to show your love to people you care. It is a day to remind everyone about love in all forms.

Here are 5 tips to receive this season with positive vibes:


1. Another brand new day


It is 1 day out of 365 days. It is just a normal day with consumer driven world wherea couple signifies the proof of their love’s existence. It is apparently not true. The proof of love takes place over course of time. It is just a day for couples to find excuses to celebrate an occasion and singles to spend time reflect on the totality of what you have to offer or even a bonding with loved ones.


2. Be your own Valentine

Treat yourself better on this day. Make yourself look good and set positive thoughts that empower you. Take time to look for things that make you feel happy and appreciative. Whether partnered or single, this is the best gift to give yourself. Remember, be happy for this moment, and seize your day right!


3. Plan a date with friends or loved ones

Valentine's Day is not necessary for couples only. You can also plan a date out with your sisters or friends. It can be as fun too! It’s not about roses and chocolates, it is more of the memories and moments spent with someone who takes a special place in your heart. Friends can be your source of happiness too! It is just a day to remember to shower love to people surrounding you.


4. Do something

Plan something exciting for the day to keep your mind off the date. I think gym would be one of the best ways. A nice work-out in the gym would be one of the good options. After a good sweat out, you will feel totally refreshed! And of course, treat yourself to a hearty meal to end the day.


5. Don’t make assumptions

Ladies tend to make assumptions on things they see and hear. Correct me if I am wrong. Don’t psych yourself up by comparing a single date with couple dates or to everyone else’s. In fact, you might even be the one who had more fun than most others.