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[Blogger Herine] Finding My Dreams


It shouldn't be uncommon when one seems to lose his/her direction at some point of time in life. That's what happened to me. A year ago, I was doing all the routine work and even though I enjoyed the industry and aspects of the job nature, a part of my heart lingered emptily. I had no idea why. I was just so unmotivated, unhappy and stressed out.

It took me one year hanging on to my old job – because everyone says it's not advisable to quit a job without a backup or new job waiting. It took me immense courage and planning before I finally made the decision that I should resign, and take a few months' break to figure myself out, while giving my weak body the rest it needed.

Still, I couldn't work up the energy and mind about what I really want to do for a living. It is for the sake of living and having food on the table, isn't it? I have a few options, yet my heart doesn't desire any of it the most. It also came to a point whereby I have been travelling between hospitals and a relative's wake. I don't blame any situations. In fact, I am thankful that I can be there for my family since I am not being pinned down by a regular job now. I am busy despite not holding a 9 to 6 job at the moment and I am worried if I've not been making best use of my time. I fell back into pressurizing myself; by packing my days up and scheduling more things than I probably should have.

Did I lose track of my directions? Am I working too hard all for nothing? It's time I stepped back for a little while and realign my life goals. It is time to breathe right and instill simple contentment and joy into life.


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