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[Blogger Jacelyn] Ready for You, 2017!


2016 went by in the blink of an eye, and as I was out of Singapore for the last few weeks of December, I didn’t have time to pen this blog post until now. The past year has been nothing short of amazing; it was filled with challenges, achievements and also a lot of blessings.

I spearheaded a new business venture, Ipower Holding, aimed to develop the Mid Brain of the children between 6 to 12 years old. It has always been my personal belief that every child has the potential for greatness, and this venture has been an excellent platform for me to equip more children with relevant skills to excel in their future undertakings. In essence, this brain development class enhances each child’s sensing abilities and help students develop the skills to focus. Only if you are interested, see more at

At the same time, this business venture brought me to many destinations in China for classes. I visited Zheng Zhou, Guangzhou and finally got the chance to revisit my second home – Shanghai. Travelling to teach is really tiring, but this venture has never been about the money, prestige or anything else. I pursued it because it gives me fulfilment, satisfaction and contentment; especially when appreciative parents and students come back to me and tell me the course has helped them tremendously. Moving forward, in 2017, I am definitely looking forward to expansion and getting invited to more cities to teach and to nurture!

Also, extremely thankful to have forged new friendships and meet new collaborative partners. Thank you Miss Singapore International 2016 for the wonderful memories, it was a pleasant surprise winning First Runner-Up and Miss Elegance for the competition. For any friends whom are keen to volunteer your time, to do your part for the less fortunate in the society, the Singapore Women Association (SWA) organizes many volunteering sessions throughout the year, DM me and let us all give more time to give back to our society this year!

Also like to thank the many sponsors who had been so kind to me and Le Queenz! Thank you for having your faith in me, I can’t list out all the brands and companies here but special thanks to my partners and sponsors, especially those whom had became my personal friends.

It was also a great year with The Nu Management, Mediacorp and of course MyFatPocket! Highly blessed to be given so many opportunities, exposure and work assignments! THANK YOU my angels! <3

In 2016, I took a total of 12 flights out of the country. I visited Bali, Guang Zhou (just flipped through my diary and I can’t believe I went GZ thrice in 2016!), Hong Kong, Krabi, Jakarta, Bangkok, Danang, Hoi An, Shanghai, Zheng Zhou, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The most memorable trip was to Danang and U.S. Danang was a soul trip, it gave me a much needed break from the usual rut (though it was unbearably hot). And I really enjoyed Los Angeles; all thanks to the Disneyland’s magic.
In 2017, come what may; but sincerely hoping there’s less travelling involved.

With love,