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[Blogger Kimberly] What Is Stopping You from Getting Better?


It is normal that we prefer to stay in our comfort zones, just like how we stayed in our mommy's stomach before coming to this beautiful and uncertain world.

Just like everyone else, I am afraid of stepping out of my comfort zones. Then I asked myself...Why? What is stopping me?

Because we are not sure if the world outside is better than where we are currently.

Because we are happily living in a satisfying situation, and we may not want to take a risk.

Because we are afraid of FAILURE.

Of course, the pre-requisite of stepping out the comfort zone is that it will be within your capability (For example, don't challenge yourself to do something dangerous just to prove that you're getting a step out of your comfort zone... Please don't!).

But most of the time, we know we are capable of doing so...and the reasons that stopped us are... lack of courage, lack of confidence, afraid of sarcastic remarks, lazy and more.

Then we start to find plenty of excuses to cover the facts.

The more you cover, the more opportunities you lose.

Let me give you an example: How can a salesperson close a case if he/she does not want to take the initiative to approach the clients? (I admit that there are also lucky people out there who get sales effortlessly. But ask yourself, can you be that lucky?)

We have to realize that when we choose to stay in our comfort zones:

  1. We will miss out what's better out there, and we can never know.
  2. We will not learn a new skill or develop an interest in something beneficial to us.
  3. We will be stagnant and will lose the ability to improve ourselves

I would say, the first step is always the hardest, but as long as you're clear with your direction and you want to make a change in your life, just do it!

You had the courage to force yourself out of your mommy's belly and struggled to learn how to breathe, how to walk, how to stand up. So, why not step out of your comfort zone and try something that you have always wanted to do?