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[Blogger Mandy] Stepping into a New Zone


Hello all! If you've followed by blog posts previously, you would know that I have left my banking job which was totally unsuited for me so as to return to teach yoga, which is what makes me happy.

I regretted getting swayed by uncertainty and thoughts, leaving that ideal life that I used to live. I thought progression was what I wanted and that I could only get it via the corporate world which was so wrong. Of course, I know that if I had stay on in the same industry, I could've already been at a further milestone of my work life.

But well, fickle-minded and curious me didn't want to rule out a chance of making it into the corporate side got me wavered, and there was no way I would give up thinking how it'd be like if I’ve never tried. Haha.

That aside, I'm happy that my lovely friends sent me off at the airport on my departure day.

I really miss my friends and family a lot, so much so that I cried on the plane and in the train to my destination. Sighs.

This is me waiting for my connecting flight.

Let me share a "horror" story:

When I got off the plane at Perth at about 10pm (PER/SG time), I had only an hour or so to get to the next plane to Sydney. Moreover the terminals were different and both was SUPER FAR APART; it’ll take 7 to 10 mins by bus to get to the other terminal?? I followed some other tourists who went to inform the staff that they have another flight to catch, and he let some of us pass through immediately with our luggage. And the bummer was that we still had to wait for more than 10 mins for the bus that takes us from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4! When we arrived at the terminal, all of us had to rush madly to the check-in counter. The counter was about to close so I was thankful that we made it!

Below is a photo of me being safe while waiting for transit.

I arrived at Sydney airport at about 6pm (Sydney time) and it was cold. I totally didn't expect that I couldn’t take the cold though I already knew that I'm not good at handling low temperatures... I hate the feeling of being alone and having so many baggage to carry.

I took the train to the city, then changed to another train to Woy Woy (the suburb that I'm staying at), which is at Umina Beach.

Here’s another horror: By then, I was so tired as it was in the early morning, I kept dozing off in the train that I missed my stop.

I asked the man seated across from me where we were at and he replied that we were way past Woy Woy.

I was a girl with a backpack and two wheeled luggage. Having to carry them in and out of trains, up and down platforms was tiring.

And when I finally arrived at Woy Woy, I took very long to find the gym which was actually only a 5-min walk away.

The owner of the yoga studio, who is also my roomie, came to pick me up and brought me to her apartment. I felt good vibes from the start.

Now, let’s come back to why I wrote this post. I am here to "detox" my body and mind in every way possible. I am trying to get rid of things that’s bothering me. There’s many things in life which we have got no control of, but there are certain things we can do to change things.

This time two years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and left Singapore for a month to somewhere totally foreign to me. It was a great experience, and I really missed that #YOLO moment. So today again, here I am, at a different part of the world, alone and gaining some new experiences.

I’m not doing this for the money because they pay peanuts and I have to get my own flight tickets. But it’s worth it because sometimes when life back home gets too overwhelming, it's good to be somewhere new and different, just for a little while.

I’m taking this chance to take a breather once more. I'm not sure if I am running away from reality that had been taking a toll on me, but I know for sure that I need to be alone and learn to let go of things I can't hold on to.

Watch this space as I'll soon be updating on things to do/explore in Sydney!

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