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[Blogger Priscilla] Life Is Better When You Have a Humorous Boyfriend/Husband


It’s pretty amazing how different people have their own wedding vows because they’ve been through different phase and it's interpersonal. Finding a lifelong partner isn’t easy- there’s so many things to consider and I have to be extremely certain that our feelings and commitment are true to each other till eternity.

To my future husband: "You know me better than anyone else in this world and somehow still you manage to love me. We might have walked on separate ways previously but we held on to that glimpse of hope that somehow we might find each other again. Right now, You are my Soulmate, confidant and one true love. There is still a part of me today that cannot believe that I'm the one who gets to marry you." Haha I would be in tears of joy when it’s time.

On top of being loving, supportive, reliable and a pillar of support for me, I want you to be the leader of the household for our family and a Superhero in our childrens’ eyes. Part of the key factor would be you having the ability to be a humourous husband. When I know that you have a humourous personality, it will be a bonus point. I’ll be assured that you’ll be a cool dad that brings life to the family whom our kids would seek comfort when in need. You will make the kids laugh and trust that daddy will always be supportive and I could open up to him.

And yes, of course we would experience young parenting with each other. Eventually I will be the one laughing over how silly and amateur you are in terms of handling our kids when they become monster-like creatures. And once they cool down ……

“Que Sera Sera – Whatever may be, may be. The future’s not for us to see.”  We don’t know what the future brings, let nature takes its course!

♥ Priscilla