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[Blogger Roanna] Youtube Makeup Gurus to Follow for Your Halloween Makeup Inspirations


Halloween is around the corner. What are you planning to dress up as? Halloween is a fun festival but definitely not widely celebrated in Singapore. However, if you’re planning to dress up and stun the crowd at your party, here are some beauty gurus who can show you a trick or two on doing your own Halloween makeup!


1. Kandee Johnson

She is one of the first few beauty icons I followed when I first started out makeup. Kandee never fails to wow and impress with her spectacular makeup skills and techniques! From Elsa (Frozen) to Betty Boop, Barbie and now even Ken (Barbie’s boyfriend), there is nothing she can’t transform into with makeup! She has an entire playlist dedicated to makeup transformations, costume ideas and tutorials, so check it out to get yourself inspired.


2. Nikkie Tutorials

I first came to know of Nikkie Tutorials through one of my all-time favourite beauty brand – Too Faced. She was working with Jerrod Blandino a lot on a couple of campaigns and even an eyeshadow palette. Since then, I have been following her and I think she’s one of the most honest and talented beauty gurus out there. Here’s one I really enjoyed watching and I think is one of the creepiest for your Halloween makeup…


3.  Pony Makeup

I believe Pony is one beauty icon that many look up to. If you’re gunning for a more natural, less scary transformation, try learning how to look like Kylie Jenner or even Taylor Swift this Halloween. Maybe you can then look at Taylor Swift and go “look what you made me do”. Teehee!~

Happy transforming yourself and have a happy Halloween!