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[Blogger Yuni] 10 Reasons Why I Love K-Beauty


With the rising popularity of Korean dramas and music, K-beauty products and Korean style make up became very popular. 

Here are few reasons why K-Beauty products are so special and why we should get inspired by Korean makeup.


1. They promote a natural look

As seen on K-drama, most of the Korean artistes look very pretty in their very natural Korean-style makeup. In comparison to Hollywood/ Western style makeup with heavy coverage and contouring, Korean make up always try to achieve a natural look. Koreans tend to go for the “barely there” or “no makeup look” which gives them a more youthful look. Most of them rely solely on BB creams and lip tints to give them that radiant and glowy look.

My favourite has got to be the dewy K-makeup. It is easy to achieve fresh and radiant skin just with a BB cushion and lip tint.



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2. They promote good skincare

Have you ever heard about the Korean 10 step skincare routine? If you haven't, here are all the items you need in the different steps: cleansing oil, cleanser, water cleanser ("double cleansing" used in Korean skincare), exfoliator, toner, essence, serums, ampoules, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sun protection.

Skin care is always more important than makeup to achieve flawless skin.



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3. They promote natural ingredients

Most of the Korean beauty products are made from natural ingredients, thus their products are very light and gentle on our skin. Besides, they always have a nice and pleasant scent.



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4. They promote preventive skincare 

Always start young. It is easier to prevent than to reverse damages.


5. K-beauty suitable for Asian skin

K-beauty is made especially for Asian skin so being Asians ourselves, we can say that they are tailor-made for us. When it comes to colours and the different makeup shades, you can also be sure that they cater very much to Asian skin tones.


6. K-makeup makes you look much younger than your actual age

Too much makeup can age us and the natural looks of K-beauty make us look so much younger with the dewy glow and aegyo-sal.



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7. K-makeup brings out our best features

Korean make up focus on bringing out our prominent features and enhances them with the right amount of make. Hide those flaws and highlight the best.



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8. They have a wide variety of products

Koreans are so innovative and they have a wide range of skincare and makeup products for us to choose from.



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9. K-Beauty products always come in cute and playful packaging

Aside from their marketing strategy, you should always think that beauty and skincare should be fun and interesting. It's a chance to play around with different products and find what works best for you—it doesn't have to be so serious all the time.



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10. Their prices are generally affordable

Most of the products are pretty affordable as well, so lots of customers can buy high-quality products and it won't be too expensive for them.