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Sneakers and Me


Do you have a specific brand that you always find yourself going back to? Or do you buy them according to the designs for that particular season?

I spend quite a fair bit on sneakers and I am not guilty of it! And truth be told, I don’t have a favourite brand or design. I buy whenever I come across one that I like. However, I must admit that I have a thing for white sneakers. Even though some people may comment that it’s just another pair of school shoes when we were teens but white sneakers are the best because they can match almost anything. You can pair it with a dress too!

Let me show you some of my humble sneakers which I am currently wearing almost everyday right now.

James got me this pair of Superga last Christmas. My man sure knows my taste well!

I was contemplating between the off-white and maroon pair but he thought the maroon one was something I don’t have. True enough!

Lee Cooper Denim Sneakers – It feels like Keds but slightly cheaper than Keds. Comes in a variety of colours but denim was kinda special to me.

Mizuno Running Shoes! I call running shoes sneakers as well because they are getting trendier as days go by. Moreover, more people are wearing running shoes now because of the comfort and height.

Last but not least, the bottom two are from Converse and they are both in white! Actually a pair of white sneakers not only makes one look younger, but more approachable as well if you compare it to someone in black or heels.

If you ask me, white slip-ons are equally nice as well.

I hope I just make you love sneakers a little more now!