How to Feng Shui Your Office Desk


We spend so much time sitting at our work desk, and it makes perfect sense for us to set it up properly with the ancient Feng Shui philosophy as a guide to maximise our well-being and success.

Feng Shui Work Desk 

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It isn't that hard to Feng Shui your office desk. First, mentally draw a tic-tac-toe grid on your desk to divide it into a 9-square grid. The grid will act as the Bagua map on your office desk, which will help you decide what's best to be placed on the grid.

Feng Shui Work Desk 

Credit: Feng Shui Beginner

According to Feng Shui Beginner, these are the suitable colours to use and the items you should place on your table in the respective grids. 

PositionRepresentationSuitable ColorBest to Put
1 Wealth and Abundance Purple and Gold Living plant, clean running water fountain (great motion to generate wealth flow), calculator and any item that symbolizes money
2 Fame and Reputation Red This space represents your power so you must keep this area very clean, you can choose to put inspirational quotes to inspire yourself. You can also put name cards, awards in this area too.
3 Relationship Red, Pink or White Photos of your loved ones, like children or spouse to create positive energy here.
4 Family Green This section of the desk is reserved for family and is a great place to put your family photos framed up with a wooden frame. You can also consider putting something green in this sector of your desk too.
5 Health Yellow This area represents your physical health. Just like the home Feng Shui, it is advisable to keep this area clear so that the chi energy can easily reach all areas on your desk.
6 Creativity Pink Utilize this space for items or anything that can spur your creativity.
7 Wisdom and Knowledge Blue Place books that you are studying, books from wise people, or motivational books here. 
8 Career and Self Black The space right in front of you represent your career and self. It is best to put your laptop with an inspirational quote as the desktop image to induce daily motivation
9 Helpful people Gray This area of your desk is associated with the colour grey, and it is a great place to place your address book, office phone, and mobile phone. This symbolizes that help will always come when you need it.
Source: Feng Shui Beginner

And always remember to keep your desk clutter-free to ensure that the good energy flows. Make good Feng Shui a reason to pack your work desk today!