Club 21 iPhone App Gorgeous Design


Club 21 has finally caved in and launched an iPhone app for the Singapore andThailand markets. I downloaded the app and gave it a run through — It’s basically very pretty, very glamourous. Some features are helpful while some are built just for the cool factor.

Like most retail-oriented mobile apps, it conveniently helps you to track down any Club 21 stores nearby. Members of Club 21 will love this app as it details all member benefits and latest promotions within the app on your mobile phone. The design and user interface is top-notch, thanks to Codigo, the development firm who manages this project.

One interesting feature is “What’s Nearby”. It uses your iPhone camera to track nearby Club 21 partner merchants using location tracking coupled with an augmented reality(AR) display. I had fun with it, turning around 360 degrees looking for nearby stores while in a cafe, until some folks gave me weird stares — strong body language communicating this message: “WTF is he doing?”

So, it’s a cool feature but it does make you look silly if you use it in the public. Perhaps all we need is a simple list with quick links to Google Maps. But that’s up to one’s personal preference.

Surprisingly, the app doesn’t allow users to purchase merchandise directly from their iPhones, which I thought might be a good feature to have. So, it’s a neat and fast app – but clearly, there are a several areas where it could also improve. You can try it here.

Source: Penn Olson