Cubie is Whatsapp meets Draw Something


Cubie Messenger, an IM launched by a Taiwan startup Gamelet, has over 200,000 downloads since their launch one month ago.

Following the huge success of Draw Something, another app which was just launched recently also enjoyed a huge user adoption rate. A product of Gamelet based in Taiwan, Cubie Messenger is a new messaging app like Whatsapp or LINE on the iPhone and Android, and has seen an impressive 200,000 downloads (source in Chinese) within their first month of launch.

So what is the key with Cubie Messenger? Cubie Messenger is Whatsapp with Draw Something built into it, allowing you to draw something funny while chatting. Other than the in app drawing feature with comes with eight drawing colors, Cubie also offers a comprehensive range of features such as animated stickers and emoticons, voice messages, as well as allowing multimedia file sharing. There are also no in app advertisements and the chat can support a group chat of up to 100 users. Wow.

One thing which surprised me with Cubie Messenger is that, it is not integrated with existing social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter yet, or even with the various social networking services which are popular among Chinese such as Weibo or RenRen. With social integration, it might help fuel the virality of the app and enhancing social sharing. Unlike Whatsapp, Cubie Messenger is not integrated into your address book and the app requires your permission to have access to them. This actually created a friction for me to use Cubie Messenger. Point to not on this for the team looking to give the usability of this app a more organic feel. is our Digital and Technology Content Partner.